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Issue 31

The Chaplains Annual Letter

As the (nearly new) Fellowship Chaplain, may I say that it is a joy to finally be able to communicate with members and friends of the Fellowship and I’m sorry it has taken so long!

I have been a member of the Fellowship Council now for 13 years, and I would like to say how much your faithful prayer is appreciated. Prayer sustains us all; those who pray and those we pray for, and it is helpful to know that you remember us as we work to enable the Fellowship to flourish. When the Council met last we heard news from Deborah and Robert of how things are in the Groups. 

Despite many groups being small, we felt encouraged by their enthusiasm. Please do also feel able to let us know how things are with you and your group, the joys, the frustrations and also stories of encouragement if something has gone well. This all helps us as the Council to know how best to support you, alongside our other great task to share the Fellowship more widely and draw others to grow deeper into God through contemplative prayer.

As people who regularly pray with the Fellowship, we know how much this way helps. It has certainly been an important thread running through my life for nearly 30 years. It has sustained me through times of joy and of sadness, particularly with the death of our son earlier this year. The Fellowship has been an essential resource through my years in ministry, so please be assured of my continued prayers for you as (I hope) you pray for me!

Although we only meet twice a year, the Fellowship Council has been working hard behind the scenes to keep you informed in the most efficient way, both in relevance and cost! For this reason, we are experimenting with slimming down the Newsletter to ensure all the important information in one form or other, still fits into an A5 envelope and one mailing! Our grateful thanks to all who contribute content especially Martin whose words always inspire us in our reflections. Also, to Catherine who keeps us on track so efficiently.