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Issue 32

2020 Chaplain's Letter

The Chaplain’s Letter


The old saying is that ‘we live in interesting times’ both in the Church and in political terms with the ongoing issues of Brexit and the implications that that brings with it; not least respecting and honouring those who hold different views to ourselves and who express themselves sometimes offensively. Recently, it reminded me again of St Paul’s words to pray for our leaders, both Church and state, who have power over people’s lives, speech and actions, and of the importance of how we offer our prayers both publicly  and privately.                                                                                                                                                                    

Forgive me for mentioning this again, but this was very close to the heart of Robert Coulson and his fellow clergy friends when they felt compelled to pray for local and international recovery from the hurt, damage and a hostile environment following the end of World War Two. Their prayer developed into The Way of the Fellowship which encouraged listening to God, speaking to them in their hearts. They prayed for the gift of the Holy Spirit to direct and guide them so that they would themselves encourage others to act with integrity. Above all, their prayers gave them an opportunity to hold and enfold others in the completeness of God’s healing and reconciling love.

To have the tools to come to God in this way, I continue to count as a real blessing, whether our prayers are offered in the silence of personal prayer, with others in our prayer groups, or on Quiet Days and Retreats. We continue to have a real ministry of prayer to offer and this should not be undervalued. As the landmark dates for Brexit come and go, and as Synods meet and make decisions, may I encourage you to join me in praying for understanding and compassion that the decisions made and the actions which follow will be for the good of all especially those who are most vulnerable.