Getting started

The way the Fellowship prays is based upon the sayings of God or of Jesus.  These are always drawn from the Bible as the Word of God.

We take a phrase or sentence from the Bible and memorise it to use as our saying.  In a time of silence we aim to be still and to LISTEN to God: we seek to absorb the saying into our mind and into our heart.

Then in a time of intercession, we may bring others 'within' the silence so that the spirit and life of God's words can be shared with them.

How can I pray in this way? Begin with this pattern.

A prayer to begin with ...

'O ever loving Father, I ask you to be with me in my prayer. May I be open to the riches of your word'.

Some words you could use as the saying ...

'Come to me all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest' (Matthew 11.28).

'Come to me ... and ... rest".

A prayer to finish with ...

'Father, thank you for making yourself known to me through your word. May it continue to live in me, transforming and healing my life'.

To take this beginning further, look at the Fellowship leaflets 'Listening to God' and 'The Prayer of Stillness'

The Fellowship also selects a 'saying' for each month.  For this month's saying and a short commentary, look at the Sayings section of the menu, under the heading 'Some sayings to use'.