Prayer Groups

It is helpful to belong to a silent prayer group - as Jesus said - 'Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst' (Matthew 18. 20). The support and encouragement of others is invaluable. In a group, the leader for that day offers a saying to be used for the time together. The leader outlines the significance of it, with a time of silence at each stage:
  • first, in terms of the thinking part of us (mind)
  • then, the part of us beyond conscious thought and feeling, in the depth of our lives (heart);
  • and finally, the doing part of us (will). This last allows the group to share names and situations for which to pray.
We can pray silently by ourselves ... in a group ... on a retreat ... for as long or as short a time as we wish. However, the silence experienced in a group can be deeper than that experienced alone and this can greatly help and encourage the individual in their regular prayer time.