The Fellowship Rule

The Rule for Members of the Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer

(accepted for one year at a time)

I undertake for twelve months from now to commit myself as far as I am able

  • to set aside at least one period of time each day to become still and, in contemplation, to receive the direct words of God or of Jesus in the Bible, as deeply as I can, following the method of the Fellowship.
  • to remember before God in prayer at least once a week, if possible on Wednesday, the Fellowship in general, and those members individually whom I know personally.

Note: This Rule implies that members will make use of Sayings from the Bible for the purpose of silent contemplative prayer according to the method and pattern which the Fellowship has learnt from the teaching and example of its founder the Revd. Robert Coulson.

Application can be made to be a Member or a Friend:


  • Members undertake to keep the rule as far as they are able. They aim to be part of a local group, and/or attend an annual retreat or quiet day, as circumstances permit.
  • Members begin, or renew, their membership by completing the Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer application form.


  • Friends are those who keep in touch with the Fellowship and undertake to incorporate its method in their prayers.
  • To establish, or renew, this link, Friends should complete the Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer application form.

Members and Friends will receive the twice-yearly mailings. There is no subscription and no financial demands are made on the members.

Those who wish to contribute to the work of the Fellowship can do so by sending a donation direct to the Treasurer

Existing Members and Friends are strongly encouraged to renew their commitment each year.