More sayings

There is a huge wealth of sayings to be found throughout the Bible. Sometimes different translations of the Bible will use different words - a translation often used in the Fellowship literature is the NRSV revised.

For some suggestions for sayings, including sayings for particular situations, seasons and other circumstances, you might like to look at these Fellowship publications:

Sayings for Stillness
A collection of 6 sayings published twice yearly, together with a short commentary. These are widely used by Fellowship individuals and groups throughout the UK - and in other countries too - so that one is 'praying together' with others. (These also appear on this website, in the 'Sayings' item on the menu bar, under the drop down 'Some Sayings to use')

Sayings for Special Times
A collection of sayings for particular situations and seasons.

Both are obtainable free of charge from the Administrator.