Mailing and membership

The mailing for 2020 has now been sent out to all on the mailing list, either by email or as a printed version. It contains the Newsletter for 2020, the Sayings for Stillness leaflet of commentaries for the 2020 January to June Sayings, a Resources list with order form and an application form to register to be a Member or a Friend.

It is necessary to return the Member/Friend form in order to remain on the mailing list so PLEASE do this!

If you did not get the  mailing but wish to receive the next one (in May 2020), please contact the Membership secretary ( and ask to be added to the mailing list.

We suggest using these words:
 "I wish to be added to the mailing list so that I can receive mailings and I consent to my contact details being saved in the FCP mailing list database"

You can also ask to be registered as a Member or a Friend (see About the Fellowship under the About item on the menu bar).

If you wish to receive mailings by post, you can still ask to do this; otherwise they will be sent to you by email.