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Issue 27

Going Further with Witnessing

The Focolare Centre, Welwyn Garden City
Friday May 15 - Saturday 16th 2015

An opportunity to explore the role of Witness beyond the prayer group

We are currently short of new people willing to witness at Retreats and Quiet days!

This will be an opportunity for witnesses, together with each other and members of the FCP council, to explore the ways in which to adapt to witnessing to larger groups, and to make it a smooth transition which may start by doing a guided silence at a retreat.

It will be an introduction designed to help build confidence for the leap from witnessing at a familiar prayer group, to witnessing in the sustained and supportive atmosphere of quiet days and retreats, and making it into a gentle step!  There will be time for revising and reviewing the principles of the contemplative exercise and also plenty of time for discussion.
The sessions will start on the evening of Friday 15th May , going through the next day, with lunch provided; allowing people to travel home after 4pm on Saturday 16th.

The Focolare Centre in Welwyn Garden City is an easy journey from London, and pleasantly situated. The accommodation is very comfortable with good home cooked food. The ethos of the house is friendly and stimulating, with the Mission Statement \"That they all shall be one\".

Costs will be supplemented by the FCP, keeping the charge to a minimum. More details can be obtained from Caroline Miller: