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Issue 29

Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative Prayer.

What\'s that all about?

By Deborah Huthwaite and Peggy Williams

I asked someone in my rather untypical prayer group in Liverpool if she could write an article about her feelings regarding contemplative prayer.   This is what she came up with:

\"Contemplative Prayer\"... What\'s THAT all about?   Deb was leading a group in church. Did I want to come along? 

Did I? .... On Saturday morning I wasn\'t doing anything, so I went.  

Can I be quiet for an hour?  Will I fall asleep?    All of a sudden, the hour was done.
rnI had spent the time listening, praying; just being at peace in the presence of God.  No effort needed!   But!!  Can I do this at home, on my own.......the phone ringing, visitors, ironing?  We all have busy lives.

I had found it so spiritual I knew I had to try.   Each month, I keep the phrase (Saying) in my mind.  I don\'t do an hour, but I try to do 15 minutes, not every day but when I can.  It really helps me spend time with God listening, not asking, but being thankful He\'s with me.  I always look forward to each meeting\"