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Issue 29

Sayings for stillness

Sayings for Stillness                           


I am always delighted to receive comments and suggestions from those of you who use the Sayings for Stillness leaflet. One comment which came to me recently was: \"I find it difficult to use the same Saying for a whole month.\" My quick answer to that would be \"So do I!\" It may be helpful to some people to do so, but in general I personally would not use just one Saying for more than two weeks. There can be no hard and fast rules about this. So much depends on individuals and their circumstances. 

I will always try to stick with the same Saying for three or four days at least, and often longer. I always include our monthly Saying from the leaflet among the ones I choose for my times of contemplative listening. I may use it for a few days, and then come back to it later in the month. 

In addition to the intrinsic value of the Saying, using it during the month makes me feel closer to our Fellowship. 

Please feel free to contact me about this or any other matter relating to our way in prayer.

Martin Tunnicliffe